CP Extrusion extruders for the petfood industry can be divided into two main categories. Read more down below.

Cooking extruders

This modern twin screw, co-rotating, intermeshing extruder is mainly used for the production of semi-moist petfood. In one single machine the mass is cooked, mixed and pressed though the die-system.

This results in the following advantages:

Form extruders

This twin screw, co-rotating, intermeshing extruder is used for several purposes:

● Due to it’s excellent mixing properties it’s often used for mixing further ingredients, such as color, flavor or acids into the mass
● A short version of this extruder is used as forming extruder. The petfood mass is pumped into the extruder. If necessary this extruder will be equipped with infeed rollers

Due to the intermeshing screws this machine is self cleaning.