Cooling tunnels

For cooling and drying the products CP Extrusion can deliver the required system. Depending on the capacities, type of product, conveyor type, conveyor width and humidity conditions we deliver

Cooling belts

Mostly used as take off conveyor for the warm extruded product. The special belt deck will be cooled with chilled water and thus preventing temperature rise of the belt and stickiness of the product.

Single level cooling tunnel

These tunnels are used for thoroughly cooling down the products. Inside this modular system the cooling air is directed above and below the open belt conveyor system. When closed belts are preferable we use water cooled decks.

Keywords for all CP extrusion cooling tunnels are:


● Our tunnels can also be executed with high velocity air jets, in order to optimize cooling efficiency.
● When required we integrate special de-humifiers in the cooling system.
● In order to minimize transport and production cost we often only design the cooling system and you can outsource the fabrication locally under our supervision!