Screen changers

In general, a sieve separates the desired material from unwanted particles. These particles and undissolved elements are unacceptable for a high quality product and can disturb production.

CP-Extrusion produces screen changers for a perfect filtration process without influencing the quality of the mass. CP-Extrusion screen changers come with 3 positions; Filter position, dump position, and by-pass position. The by-pass position is designed to establish zero downtime while changing or cleaning the screen.

A new optional feature on the CP-Extrusion screen changers is back flush cleaning. In this position a small amount of the mass is used to clean the screen without removing the screen.

Advantages with the CP Extrusion screen changers are:

  • The extruder can be started up without passing the mass through the screens or die system
  • No interruption of the production while cleaning the screens
  • Screens can be inspected or changed during production
  • No more contamination in the die system