Die systems

The die is the key part for the product shape. We design the die specifically to fit any extruder and belt width. High quality stainless steel in combination of the best tooling facilities making your wishes possible, resulting in the following products:

  • Multi colored
  • Filled
  • Straight
  • Twisted
  • Peelable
  • Hollow
  • Different textures
  • Color variation within the strands
  • Volume variation within the strands

Main benefits of our distribution-, stationary-, rotating and co-extrusion dies are:

  • Quick product changeover times. (Approximately 10min.)
  • Minimal product variation. (Each strand can be fully trimmed!)
  • Less labor costs for cleaning
  • Consistent product due to optimal temperature control
  • Virtually maintenance free

Please feel free to challenge us with your new product developments and wishes!